With increasing advances in technology today, many high-priced equipments are obsolete and no longer supported by manufacturers. NAG-Lab is proud of its reputation as independent Service Company. Because of our in-house expertise we can confidently offer our services even without any support from the original equipment manufacturer. We are also able to locate and provide those hard to find parts for your older equipment.

NAG-Lab is committed to exceed the requirements, stated expectations, and needs of our customers in all aspects of our service. We intend to maintain a competitive advantage within our industry and to provide all employees with a high degree of job satisfaction and career opportunity.


The following table show our service area.

Hardwares design and implementation


System design, implementation and maintain the Microprocessor based hardware design (embedding the assembly language software) and implementation for earth station remote monitoring throughout Indonesia using unused channel in DAMA system satellite communication. There are two-hardware system i.e. Master station and remote station as a slave.


Redesign the Voice Processor module (hardware) for Single Channel Per Carrier MODEM because of the obsolete components.


System design, implementation and maintain the Automatic Modem Tester design software under Microsoft Window. This is the main software (written in C++ language) for controlling Hardware tester through serial communication and other device such as Spectrum analyzer and Digital Oscilloscope through GPIB interface.


System design and implementation the Microprocessor based Universal Timer relay controlled various Hardware, the setting configuration could be established through the serial communication and other device such as the Telephone line or direct PC connection.